Sunday, November 6, 2016


We deliver a free opinion on artworks:

- paintings oil
- watercolors or gouaches
- drawings
- lithographs
- sculptures

What information we need to receive at :

1/ About you:
- name & eventually address if you request a visit ( which is not free)
- your email address and phone # where to reach you

2/ About the artwork

a/ provenance:

    - how did the artwork come in your possession
    - eventually history of the former owner or owners
    - if you bought it in auction, name of auction house

b/ artwork itself:

    - size
    - signed ? Y or N
    - medium :
      1/ oil
      2/ watercolor or gouache
      3/ drawing - pencil - colored crayons - chalk etc
      4/ lithograph : signed in margin Y or N - Numbered ? number
      5/ sculpture : bronze - wood - plastic etc

c/ photos:

    a/ a photo front and 1 photo of the back of the artwork
    b/ a close up photo of the signature if it is signed
    c/ a close up photo of what looks important in the painting, face, hands etc
    d/ if details on the back, label, marks etc a photo close up of each label
    Please focus the photo on the painting or artwork, as much as possible.

As response will be given as soon as possible by email free of charge.

Gerard Van Weyenbergh

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